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Fazail e Amal English Read online Free Download in Pdf

Fazail e Amal English Version Read online Free Download

Fazail e Amal is the most famous book written by Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya r.a or actually a combined edition of six smaller books used by the world wide movement of Jamat e Tableegh or Tableeghi Jamat. Famous for their travels, in groups small and large, to virtually all corners of the world, the Jamat preaches a message centered around the importance of the Dawah, self- sacrifice and taking the message of the Prophet out to people locally as well as past the comfortable confines of ones locality. In as such, Fazail e Amal, and its sister companion books (Fazail e Amal Volume 2 and Hayatus Sahaba, 3 Volume set Play a critical role in molding the tableeghi members personal character and moral fiber. These books emphasize the numerous virtues (Fazail) of the basic practices of Islam through a vast selection of carefully chosen Ahadith and stories/ incidents from the time of the Sahabah.

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