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You can read The Nature of Fasting Book by Shaykh Al-Islam Taqiuddin Ahmad Abdul-Halim Ibn Taymiyyah online or download it for free. The book is in PDF format.

This is a translation of one of the smaller publications from the words of Shaykh Al-Islam Taqiuddin Ahmad bin ‘Abdul-Halim Ibn Taymiyyah. It has been published in this form various times with several minor additions to the text under the title “Haqiqatus- Siyam” or “The Nature of Fasting.” We have revised our version to meet the source section of Majmu’ Al-Fatawa (25:219) from where it appears that the original booklet – except for the questions, which must appear on earlier pages – has been taken. We have inserted brackets to signify the additions, which earlier publishers probably took from other sections of his writings.

We have also added brief references to the text for the Hadiths. I want to thank Brother Ebrahim Aly Ma’rouf for the original translation of this booklet and the Darussalam staff for their editing and layout work.

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